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Past Work​

Handlers for Coote, Moyle, MacFab etc

Bebo Arch Moulds

Bespoke Moulds

Lift Shaft Mould

Bespoke Moulds

Bespoke Formwork

Bespoke Moulds

Round & Rectangular Tanks

Bespoke Moulds

Bespoke U Channel Mould

Bespoke Moulds

Head Wall Moulds

Bespoke Moulds
Initial Quotation

We will send you a quotation based on the drawing and information available at the time of tender

Product Review

Once an order is received we will carry out a design review of the product and determine fill position etc

Detail Drawing

Detailed Concrete drawings will be emailed for approval


Once approval has been received then Shop floor manufacturing drawings are issued and the Mould fabricated

Quality Checks

Once the mould is fabricated then Dimensional checks are carried out to ensure the mould meets the customer requirements

Let's Build Your Dream Project

Precast Moulds & Engineering has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of precast concrete moulds and formwork.